Laura Stoddart for Hester and Cook

laura stoddart for hester and cook | simple pretty

‘cakes’ paper placemats

Laura Stoddart could be my favorite illustrator. Her watercolors are quirky yet sweet and old-fashioned yet modern. It doesn’t hurt that the subjects she chooses are perfection: I love to look at pretty cakes and hyper-organized butler’s pantries. While I keep my fingers crossed that she will announce new work very soon, these placemats and notecards for Hester and Cook will fill the very big void she’s left in her creative absence.

(Because of the scarcity, I have fallen into the habit of hoarding every bit of Laura Stoddart art I can get my hands on. It sounds very un-Kondo, but trust me, they bring lots of joy.)

laura stoddart 'cakes' enclosure cards for hester and cook | simple pretty

‘cakes’ enclosure cards (set of 12)

laura stoddart 'cakes' placecards for hester and cook | simple pretty

‘cakes’ placecards

laura stoddart 'butler's pantry' placemats for hester and cook | simple pretty

‘butler’s pantry’ paper placemats

p.s.: I’d love to see either of the placemat patterns as wallpaper.

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    Love these!