Holiday Gift Guide, Part One: For You

2015 gift guide: for you | simple pretty

Gift guides: depending on the day, I crave them or loathe them. But Christmas rolls around like clockwork, and I need ideas! (Which means you probably do, too.) To that end, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite things from browsing the Internet, broken down into two installments. Part One features items I think would make perfect gifts. (Part Two, arriving next week, highlights objects I’d like to receive, though truth be told, there’s a lot of overlap.)

The simplepretty guide to Gift Giving, 2015 edition:

  1. Belle et Enfant ribbed cardigan The older my “baby” gets, the more joy I derive from baby clothes and gifts. I love to buy simple, luxe items that can (hopefully) be worn a lot because they go with everything. This pretty cardigan fits the bill: it’s basic enough to wear over a onesie but dressy enough to set off any holiday outfit.
  2. Beloved Dog So many of my family members are dog lovers, and I’m currently living in a dog-obsessed country. Maira Kalman’s new book cleverly and lovingly illustrates the special bond that develops between a dog and his human. Even if you buy it simply for the illustrations, it’s a winner.
  3. Diptyque ‘Vanille’ mini candle Winter is candle season, both to add a bit of light as well as lend a bit of fragrance to stuffy, closed-up rooms. Diptyque mini candles are a “little luxury” and the simple-yet-complex Bourbon Vanilla fragrance has wide appeal. (Don’t forget to save the jar afterward to store makeup brushes, pens and pencils, or whatnots).
  4. Minimal Holiday Notecard Set I revere In Haus Press for its dedication to striking simplicity. This set of 8 notecards (four sayings) is small enough to tuck into a handbag (or coat pocket) yet luxe enough to present as a hostess gift over the December holiday party circuit. Plan ahead: grab a few.
  5. Olof Rudbeck ‘Common Redstart’ Affordable art makes a wonderful gift. I’ve long been a fan of Olof Rudbeck’s Swedish bird watercolors, and while some of the larger/more dramatic options can be pricey, this simple, minimalist print will set you back a mere $15 (which leaves some room in the budget for framing).
  6. Hannah Bergen Heirloom Kit 2015 has been the year of Kondo-ing, and what better way to celebrate the items that bring you joy than to document and share those items? Favorite possessions have a story. Share it. Save it. And better yet, start collecting those memories while the family is together for the holidays. You may learn something about your treasured gravy boat that will surprise you. Here’s to starting the conversation …

image credits: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. // layout and type by jane potrykus

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    Thank you so much for including our stationery in your beautiful gift guide, Jane! Happy Holidays xoxo