Favorites: January 2016

toast on emma bridgewater utility plate (photo by jane potrykus) | simple pretty

Here we are at January, again. Suddenly, there’s all the time in the world but less that I’m motivated to do. I’ve dragged out the non-original, repetitive (yet well-intended) resolutions for a re-boot, and am hopeful that in this winter/spring of uncertainty, that the pieces will naturally fall into place.

Less broody is the thought of travel and visitors on the schedule for January and February. I’m looking forward to exploring with friends, returning to Paris (because I never tire of that), and gleefully taking note of the ever increasing daylight.

In this season of nesting, and reflection, I hope you enjoy this current selection of favorite things:


  1. Christmas silver full moon
  2. morning | winter | still life | homebody
  3. untitled
  4. legoman
  6. third year in a row ….
  7. protect the tiny envelope!
  8. I loved the larger-than-life plates ….
  9. I call this one “Chair #onlinden.” ….
  10. untitled
  11. Spent the day with @nruphoto ….

To Watch

  1. Batkid Begins
  2. Infinitely Polar Bear
  3. The Comeback Kid
  4. Master of None

To Visit

  1. Plain Goods this home furnishings and design shop in New Preston, CT (found thanks to Tricia Foley) perfectly suits my minimalist tendencies. Am busy stalking their Instagram in advance of the website launch. And planning an in-person visit as soon as possible.

photo at top taken January 1 by Jane Potrykus