Favorites: February 2016

40 maltby street, london | simple pretty

It’s mid-February: fashion week moves to London today, and the city feels on the cusp of spring. After a very warm December, we’ve been mired in cold, damp weather of late, which somehow has convinced me that it’s been a long, cold winter despite the evidence to the contrary. Every sunny day, I’m filled with hope that “This is it! spring is here!” and fingers crossed that this weekend, with temperatures forecast near 60, will be the knockout punch. More than ready for flowers, and green, and the influx of positivity.

A few of my current favorites:


  1. Morning, lake in mist.
  2. Lucha libre seats.
  3. Afternoon view
  4. Tiny speckled eggs ….
  5. The simpler the better.
  6. A day in the studio ….
  7. On the journal: Tyninghame Beach ….
  8. d a w n . good morning
  9. The return of Monk’s Beard ….
  10. The best way to dry clothes…
  11. Fall/Winter 2016

To Watch

  1. Season Two of Togetherness because I love smartly-written shows about conflicted relationships.
  2. Barefoot in Paris, Part Deux Ina visits Americans in Paris who are transforming the dining scene, including a stop at Ellsworth (which is a must-eat-at in Paris for the fried chicken alone).
  3. The Roosevelts: An Intimate History yes, it ran on PBS in fall 2014, but it’s on Netflix now + I was transfixed. Ken Burns’ documentary, 14-detailed-hours long, was time well spent.

To Taste

  1. Fatties Bakery Salted Caramel Peanut Butter words cannot describe how good this peanut butter is. For those of you imagining a cloying, sugary mess, you couldn’t be more wrong. Chloe Timms’ ingenious creation is pure peanut butter with a transporting kiss of sweetness. I’m on jar three and am already plotting how to sneak a crate of it into the US ….

To Inspire

  1. Astier de Villatte “Ma Vie en Paris”  I can’t help it: I’m forever smitten with Paris, and Astier’s guide book is certain to be filled with only the best spots to explore. (Not to mention, the design — complete with gilded-edged pages — is beautiful.)
  2. Chelsea Fuss, Floral Designer because I think Chelsea is not only one of the most inspirational people I’ve met (she radiates positivity), she also has some mad skills when it comes to flower arranging. Since moving to Portugal, Chelsea has launched two (!) new websites: one for flowers and one for prop styling, all while still blogging at Frolic! (Just writing that makes me feel a bit lazy.) A goal for me when I get my life in order — most likely, after my buddy graduates high school at this rate — is to take one of her online flower courses.

photo at top (by jane potrykus): the pinboard at 40 maltby street, a favorite spot to stop for a glass of wine after shopping the saturday markets along the railway arches. great food, too.