Favorites: May 2016

des gâteaux et du pain, paris | simple pretty

des gâteaux et du pain, paris

May is one big buffet of bittersweet this year. Right on schedule, nature is exploding in a barrage of pinks … we spent a sunny weekend in Paris … it’s light until 9pm. But at the same time, high school graduation is NEXT WEEK. And the emotions of goodbyes are washing over me. With some very trying times over the extent of our London experiment, the expression “the days are long but the years are short” has never seemed more apt. Yet time marches on, and so with celebration (and trepidation) we move forward, while trying to stay present. I drink in the beauty of gardens, and roses, and peonies — and enjoy a pastry or two, forever seeking the wonder in it all.

A few of my current favorites:


  1. #laboratorioparavicini
  2. Beautiful dappled shadows …
  3. Afternoon fix.
  4. Georgian charm
  5. come visit our new garden space …
  6. Nasturtium babies.
  7. untitled
  8. May at Spring
  9. Naming new ink colors …
  10. No leaves on the trees …
  11. a SUPER duper SNEAK PEEK …
  12. Simple morning sketch …
  13. Ending the best mother’s day …
  14. green pinny
  15. Soft shells from Maryland …

To Watch

  1. Love, Nina I raced through Nina Stibbe’s cleverly-written book about her experiences as a nanny for a London household. Hoping that the TV show, adapted by Nick Hornby is equally entertaining.
  2. Love and Friendship can’t wait to see Whit Stillman’s take on Jane Austen. (Metropolitan is one of my all-time favorite movies.)

To Read

  1. Ducksoup Cookbook simple, seasonal food, beautifully photographed with an inventive format. And I still haven’t eaten here. That needs to change.
  2. The Course of Love the second novel from Alain de Botton. As I was captivated by On Love (his first), I can’t wait for this to hit my iPad on the US release date.

To Listen

  1. Tame Impala introduction via my buddy, and reinforced by Togetherness, “Currents” is infectiously good psychedelic rock.
  2. Prince always

photo at top: des gâteaux et du pain, 89 rue du bac, paris. pastry as art gallery (as only paris can do) with sublime vanilla sablés, and – surprise! – open sundays. (jane potrykus)