Making lemonade

Surprise! We’re still here, and you know what that means. Yep, we got hit with snow. Again. Another ten inches, I’d estimate. If you like to look on the bright side, the good news is that our flight was cancelled on Thursday night, so we did not have to spend hours at O’Hare on Friday watching the monitors update. If you like to be pessimistic, well, come sit next to me ….

Friday was a total loss because it was so yuck out that I didn’t feel like slogging through the snow to go anywhere. I did read all of April Vogue. Quite a feat.

By Saturday, I was ready to make lemonade from the lemons we’d been handed. As we had no food (we were supposed to be in Charleston), we set out for our favorite field trip in search of fruit salad, Easter treats, and lunch. Thankfully, I called ahead to reserve some cookies (pictured above). Aren’t they cute? Full disclosure: I reserved some fruit salad as well, because I wasn’t about to drive an hour and be denied!

After lunch, since we were already “out west”, we headed over to the Heritage Prairie Market, in Elburn. What a charming, fresh and bright space it was! They were stocking the shelves when we arrived, getting ready for spring and all that it will bring. I’m definitely adding this market to my list of must visit field trip spots. The cooler was full of cream-on-top milk, microgreens (which looked awesome!), and cheeses. We were able to have a nice chat with the owner, who was so friendly and eager to talk about the store and farm. I learned that they even supply some restaurants in Chicago, including Chalkboard, which she raved about, so I’m adding that to the list of places to check out (and eat at). Plus, if you’re in the area, Heritage Prairie Market offers classes as well as kids camps this summer. Those camps are tempting …..

See you tomorrow, and probably through Wednesday. Then I’ll take my “break”. I think.