Giving Boston an Audition


I’m looking to rent an apartment in Boston for 2-4 weeks this summer. Please let me know if you hear of/know of something in Beacon Hill/Back Bay/South End. 1 BR is just fine, but would like washer/dryer in the unit as I’m too old to schlep to the laundromat.


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    ooooh. this sounds exciting! can’t wait to hear more about it. how fun!

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    i lived in boston for 8 years and i lived on union park in the south end… i just loved it. beacon hill is so amazing… i wil try to contact a few friends and see if they know anything… make sure you get a place with an air conditioner… i promise you will thank me… xx pam

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    So funny! I’ll be doing the same thing this summer! We’re doing 2 weeks in Portland, 2 in Boston, and 2 in NYC to figure out where we should head! Let me know what your findings are :)

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    I live right outside of boston, and I will keep my ears open for you!! Good luck with your search! I would check people post alot of things on there!!!

  5. Giuliana
    February 9, 2010 / Permalink

    Try working with Crescent Realty. They have the best prices for any apartments I’ve ever heard of in Beacon Hill.

    I just walked by their office one day and the flyers actually stopped me in my tracks!

    Boston is so lovely, especially in the summer and Beacon Hill is my favorite part of Boston! You are very lucky!