Pre-Fall 2012: Jil Sander

jil sander pre-fall 2012, look 12 | simple pretty

look 12

Gorgeous + luxe coats at Jil Sander. I think I’ll be hitting the stores in June. See the full pre-fall show, presented magazine editorial-style, at

jil sander pre-fall 2012, look 4 | simple pretty

look 4

jil sander pre-fall 2012, look 5 | simple pretty

look 5: swooning over that lining

image credits: photos courtesy of jil sander for

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  1. January 31, 2012 / Permalink

    I LOVE this! Besides being a major Jil Sander fan. This campaign reminds me of college. I went to an all women’s college. We didn’t look nearly as good as these ladies. We lounged around in sweats and PJs. These pictures remind me of the black and white photos I saw around campus. You know the good old days.