Week Twenty: Paris Foodie Souvenirs

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Who isn’t tempted by souvenirs when travelling? The charm of a petite treasure to remind you of favorite places and experiences is irresistible.  As a minimalist, I find that edible gifts are the perfect way to bring the essence of a city home with you with a minimum of clutter, and the hunt for the perfect combination of product and packaging can be as much fun as the purchase! Here are a few discoveries from my recent trip to Paris to inspire you:

  1. Sebastien Gaudard a jewel box of a shop on Rue des Martyrs, Gaudard’s pâtisserie is filled with prettily packaged cakes, candies and cookies to tempt your sweet tooth. I selected a cello-bag of salted butter cookies for the train ride to London. A fleeting sort of souvenir, but they were delicious. (For extra credit, I’d suggest indulging in a tart or croissant to enjoy on the spot.)
  2. La Chambre Aux Confitures also on Rue des Martyrs, the shop’s shelves are lined with a wide assortment of jams and spreads. I plan to work my way through LCAC’s flavor library (more adventurous options include pear & hazelnut as well as apricot-lavender) but as I have a 16yo’s taste buds to accommodate, I’m perfectly happy to start with their exquisitely simple strawberry jam.
  3. Found water admittedly, Found isn’t a Parisian brand (it’s Aussie-American), but I discovered their flavored waters — prettily bottled and available in elderflower! — on the shelves at Le Bon Marché’s La Grande Épicerie during a Saturday morning wander, which qualifies it as a French souvenir in my book. (La Grande Épicerie is a highly recommended wandering spot, by the way)
  4. Les Marquis de Ladurée Ladureé’s new chocolate shop (on Rue de Castiglione) was right around the corner from my hotel — so of course I had to indulge in a petite box of chocolate medallions. All of Ladurée’s gift boxes are perfection, so I’ve saved it for storing tiny bits of ephemera.
  5. The Fine Cocktail Company also discovered during my La Grande Épicerie wander, I was so enchanted with the bottle that I scooped up the Lemon/Ginger/Vodka elixir without a second thought — one of the benefits of train travel is no worries about packing liquids in a carry on!

layout and type by jane potrykus. image credits: 1. jane potrykus 2. lachambreauxconfitures.com 3. foodbev.com 4. marquis.laduree.com 5. publicisdrugstore.com