Week Twenty-one: London Tea Club

london tea club card | simple pretty

Confession: I am a coffee drinker and a coffee lover. But since moving to London, I’ve heard over and over how it was only a matter of time until I discovered the joys of tea and made the switch. Though I’m not ready to give up my morning au laits anytime soon, London Tea Club has come along to tempt me further. The club’s monthly £10 membership fee entitles you to a box containing three vials of loose tea, adorably and simply packaged in plastic vials with an envelope of drawstring filters included for brewing, as well as a muslin carry-bag for chic portability. If, like me, you’re wondering how to select teas from such a wide range of options (including white, green, oolang, puerh, black, and herbal), no worries — simply fill out the club’s flavor profile and a tea shipment will be selected to complement your palate.

My introductory order included monk’s blend, park lane, and a lovely ginger peach, which at the very least could become my go-to iced tea flavor for summer. (And I’m sure you’ve noticed how beautiful the branding and packaging is. Perfection, right?)

London Tea Club is participating in a pop-up event at Work-Shop (6 Newburgh Street, a stone’s throw from Liberty) through the end of June. Stop by to check out the teas, and you might even meet owner/director Cecelia Lau!*

london tea club brewing guide and tea | simple pretty

brewing guide, vial + filters

london tea club tea selection | simple pretty

club shipment of teas

london tea club muslin carry bag | simple pretty

muslin carry bag

all photos by jane potrykus

right now, London Tea Club only ships to the UK, but keep checking Facebook + Instagram, as expanded shipping options may be on the way!


  1. May 21, 2014 / Permalink

    a) i love tea b) do you think they would make a “tea towel” with that same branding?:)

  2. May 22, 2014 / Permalink

    Hi Lisa,

    We’ve just launched in February and tea towels are not currently on our roadmap ;) Will keep this in mind for the future though!


  3. May 22, 2014 / Permalink

    What a steal for 10 pounds (I’ve no idea how to get the pound symbol). And you’re right, such chic packaging/branding.
    I’ll never break my coffee habit either, but I do enjoy tea and love the ritual the English have with it.

  4. June 18, 2014 / Permalink

    Love the tea (and the great packaging!).

    Geeky note: to make room for the £, UK keyboards have an extra key. Which wouldn’t be so bad except they shuffle several keys around to make room (“@ and #)…. leading to strange mistyping in jetsetters.
    Without a £ key, the easy way is to copy an existing one off the screen. :)

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