Coffee Shop and Concept Store Designs

coffee shop and concept store designs | simple pretty

Lest there be any remaining doubt, let me affirm once again: I am obsessed with Japanese publishing. On my latest visit to JP Books (to collect the new issue of Cluél magazine), I spotted Coffee Shop and Concept Store Designs: From Interior To Tools (Pie Books, $25) on display behind the registers. The words “coffee” and “design” jumped out at me, and as it was the shop’s only copy, I snapped it up. Impulse purchases and I don’t have a great track record, but not in this case, as Coffee Shop is a delightful compendium of graphic goodness. Divided into two sections — coffee shops and zakka — each shop’s entry combines photos of interiors with supplementary layouts that showcase the branding and identity ephemera along with a simple floor plan. (There are also Q&A’s and a bit of narrative, but as it’s in Japanese, it’s unreadable for me.) The visual stimulation in the form of coffee cups, business cards, menus more than compensates, as it highlights all the items I would save/hoard on a visit to any of these establishments. To that end, the book also works as a de facto travel guide to navigate Tokyo’s coffee scene. (I’m really hoping to schedule a trip to Tokyo soon.)

marmelo café and bakery, kobe, japan | simple pretty

close up of Marmelo’s interior

D + E Market graphic identity | simple pretty

D + E Market (zakka) graphic identity + floorplan

D+E business cards | simple pretty

close-up of D+E business cards

If Coffee Shop and Concept Store Designs appeals, you’ll want to check out Small Shop Graphics and Paris: Beautiful Designs on the Street Corner, too. I think I’m heading over to JP Books in search of the Paris volume this afternoon.

photos by jane potrykus