Barbara Macfarlane

barbara macfarlane, 'pale manhattan' | simple pretty

‘pale manhattan’ (oil on paper)*

One big advantage of living in London is the easy access a big city provides to an amazing range of art. Whether at a small gallery, or large museum, or a happenstance stumbling across a street fair, there are myriad ways to connect with artists and derive inspiration. One of my happiest discoveries in 2015 was UK artist Barbara Macfarlane. During September’s London Design Festival, Macfarlane presented “Zoomed In”, a collection of maps focused on Chelsea’s environs, at Anthropologie. (I love maps so I immediately took note.) I am taken with the colors she uses, the handmade papers that are the base of each work, the calligraphic details she incorporates, and yes, I revel in the subject matter as I love to pore over a good map.

barbara macfarlane 'london' in pink and orange | simple pretty

‘london’ in pink and orange (oil on linen)*

barbara macfarlane 'UES 59 to 87' | simple pretty

‘upper east side 59 to 87’ (oil on paper)*

barbara macfarlane 'black point' |simple pretty

‘black point’ (oil on paper)*

barbara macfarlane at anthropologie, september 2015 | simple pretty

macfarlane’s exhibit at anthropologie, kings road (september 2015)

Barbara Macfarlane is represented by Rebecca Hossack Gallery (with locations in New York and London). To see more of her work, please visit her website.

* art photos are courtesy of barbara macfarlane; the anthropologie exhibit photo is via so-shan au