superfolk 'kombu kelp' print | simple pretty

kombu kelp (irish moss)

I continue to envelop myself in January’s quiet, poring over gardening magazines and taking lots of walks. A recent addition to my magazine habit is the English publication Gardens Illustrated — which oddly enough, I came across while at the Chicago Botanic Garden over the holidays.

While flipping through the latest issue, dreaming of my future garden, the work of Irish designers Superfolk caught my eye.* Based on Ireland’s west coast, Superfolk artists Jo Anne Butler and Gearóid Muldowney designed a range of botanical prints, block printed on Japanese washi paper, that capture the beauty of the wild foraged edible seaweeds found along their country’s coastline.

Mesmerizing in their simplicity, the prints reflect my desire for art that encourages pause and reflection. (Introspection is the essence of the late winter brain.)

superfolk 'sea spaghetti' print | simple pretty

sea spaghetti

superfolk 'atlantic wakame' print | simple pretty

atlantic wakame

images from : follow them at Instagram and Twitter

the magazine featured superfolk’s more-colorful but still quite simple dandelion print, available through makers&brothers

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