5 Simple Joys: Charleston

Charleston is one of my favorite US cities to visit. It’s decidedly walkable, and I take full advantage: peeking at the beautiful houses and gardens over a quiet morning walk to a leisurely strolling into the shops on King Street. And not to worry: there are a multitude of excellent places to stop for a bite (or a drink) to refresh yourself. About the only thing I don’t like about Charleston is summer. (I melt.)

Here are five of my regular haunts in the Holy City:

1. Babas // @babasoncannon

babas on cannon: simple pretty charleston

I vacillate between wanting everyone to know about Babas because it’s THAT good, and wanting to keep it to myself (because it’s THAT good). Too late: I’ve told you, so please, GO. At breakfast, try the house-special banana bread, served toasted with a smattering of sea salt, or visit at cocktail hour for small plates and a glass of wine or perhaps a hand-crafted cocktail: it’s super cozy. (Or, like me, do both.) I like Babas so much that I’ve considered moving to Charleston just to be closer: yes, summer and all.

2. Sugar Bakeshop // @sugarbakeshop

sugar bakeshop: simple pretty charleston

I think I’ve been going to Sugar Bakeshop since it opened in 2007* — Cannon Street was a bit more quiet in those days. These days, it’s under new ownership (the original owners decamped to Maine**) but the jewel-box shop is as charming as ever, stocked with cupcakes and cookies to delight your sweet tooth.

3. Worthwhile // @shopworthwhile

worthwhile: simple pretty charleston

Worthwhile is the perfect shopping antidote to today’s overexposed marketplace. Eclectically enticing, the shop is a mix of avant garde fashion and carefully selected (and artfully displayed) items for the home. Worthwhile makes shopping FUN.

4. Harken Café // @harkencafe

harken café: simple pretty charleston

Harken Café has creative and flavorful sandwiches, pastries and drinks on offer, and a charming side room with table seating. It’s a terrific place to stop, refuel, and relax after a morning of exploring. At my visit, the turkey and sweet potato sandwich was outstanding (and unique). Of course, I also grabbed a couple of cookies (bourbon-cherry shortbread and chocolate-chip) for the road.

5. Little Jack’s Tavern // @littlejackstavern

little jack's tavern: simple pretty charleston

For a simple dinner out, a burger is always a good option, but a great burger is an even better one. I end up dining at Little Jack’s Tavern every time we’re in town, drawn to the retro-chic pub atmosphere, and yes, one great burger.

all photos by jane potrykus

* okay, it was 2008

** summer?

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    I would love to visit this city!! Hopefully someday. Everything sounds charming.