Quarantine Round-up, Easter Edition

Week three of stay-at-home is underway, with no end in sight (as of now, Illinois’ end date is April 30.I am hopeful, but doubtful). Meanwhile, the daffodils and tulips are pushing through the soil … trees are flowering … and even the grass seems a bit greener than it did a week ago.

I’ve been living vicariously in some of my favorite cities — including the usual suspects,  London and Paris — thanks to Instagram and resourceful companies who are delivering food, bread, and flowers. (The stuff of life.) And with Easter on the horizon, the offerings are even sweeter. Here are a few of the items I’m virtually besotted with:

Daylesford Carrot Jelly Sweets

I’ve been obsessed with Daylesford for a long time. Their shops are bursting with gorgeously displayed produce, foodstuffs and home goods. (A visit to their Kingham farmshop was a highlight of last year’s travels.) And they take it up a notch for the holidays, while remaining true to their consciously-sourced, organic principles. My favorite from this year’s Easter collection is the vegan carrot jellies, sweetly and simply packaged in a reusable bag. (Daylesford are also delivering groceries, and the shops are open at this point for food to go.)

Butter Baked Goods Chick Sugar Cookie

If you live in Vancouver, Butter Baked Goods is currently offering a variety of dinners and baked goods for delivery, frozen and ready to bake at home. But because it’s Easter, they also have plenty of beyond-adorable sweets, from cookies to marshmallows to macarons that will elevate your Easter basket, even if it’s a treat-yourself moment.

Spring Porridge Bread

I was lucky enough over my London experience to attend a party at Plain English, where the parting gift was a loaf of Spring’s sourdough porridge bread. It was amazing (amazing!) but only available in-restaurant. (Yes, I went to Spring shortly after the party for lunch, just to have more bread.) If you are in London, order this. And treat yourself to a bouquet of Fern Verrow’s beautiful flowers while you’re at it. Simple luxuries are the best.

Circus Bakery’s Flying Circus

Speaking of bread, Paris bakery Circus, famous for its cinnamon buns (and charming shopfront), is delivering daily by bike and car to many Paris arrondissements. You can pre-order bread, apple pie, jam, coffee, or even a cinnamon ribbon, because bigger is better when it comes to the quarantine iteration of cinnamon buns. (Follow them on Instagram + you’ll be treated to the doorways of Paris, captured on delivery runs.)

Other delivery options I’m following: Natoora (fruit and veg deliveries in London and NYC), General Store (fruit and veg + in London), Tiny Boxwoods (dinners to go and cookies in Houston),

Not delivery, but Babas on Cannon in Charleston is offering some delicious dinners to take away. I’ve been salivating from Chicago.

Please add any of your favorites in the comments.

image credits: daylesford.com, butter-baked-goods-myshopify.com, springrestaurant-shop.co.uk, flyincircusparis.com