March Update (aka One Year In)

It’s hard to believe (and on the other hand, quite easy to believe) that we’ve crossed the one-year mark of Pandemic Life. New routines have been necessarily established, horizons have shrunk and and with them, expectations, which are now sometimes as simple as “Is it cocktail hour yet?” while we await our turn for the freeing arm jab.

True to my procrastinating tendencies, sensing we’re now in the late-stages of the pandemic, I’ve switched into high gear, prodded further not only by the improving weather but also by reading Ann Patchett’s recent paean to getting rid of “stuff” in the New Yorker. Her successes could be my successes (in true American fashion, it did involve a bit of retail therapy at the Container Store) and I am shedding the weight of accumulated things while also organizing, à la Martha, the items that remain. (Perfectionism? Check.)

In this spirit of organizing, I’ve also become obsessed with baskets. I’ve been seeing fantastic baskets everywhere this year, from Howe London’s square and round log baskets, to Maison Bengal’s wonderful assortment in Hogla (seagrass) and jute, to Tara Guerard’s delightful new bicycle basket line, May Cabas, inspired by Parisian market baskets and appealing straight to my romantic visions of being, well,  anywhere-but-here.

Finally, some cures for any twinges of melancholy: I’ve taken comfort in the many vicarious experiences on offer during this year at home. One such example is Stanley Tucci, whose new CNN series Searching for Italy seems tailor-made to the moment, guiding us breezily and warmly through the regions of Italy through food and people. (The CNN website helpfully has put together an index of the places visited for when we all are ready to get there ourselves.)

Another is British floral designer Sarah Statham (@simplybyarrangement at Instagram), who put together an exquisite booklet, The Flower Fettler’s Year, chronicling her past year in flowers. I ordered a copy, and it arrived, beautifully packaged with a set of postcards, wrapped carefully in marbleized paper. (pictured at top) What a treat it was to sit, read, reflect, and realize that though we are very far apart at the moment, we are connected, too.

Here’s to more of those connections as 2021 unfolds.

photo at top by jane potrykus


  1. March 7, 2021 / Permalink

    I love the objects in this. They paint such a clear picture. Thank you.

  2. Jessica Clare
    March 14, 2021 / Permalink

    I’m so glad you’re back! I used to be a regular reader… I used to write the very erstwhile blog curious+covetous. :)
    Welcome back, and also, I am recently engaged and am wondering if you could recommend a wedding planning binder- I cannot seem to find one that isn’t either tacky or costs a fortune! Thank you Jane!
    xo Jessica