What’s a Vampire to do?

I was in a bit of crazy panic last night.  Let me take you back …. On Sunday, I was at Target, happily shopping away, when I noticed that my summer lotion, Lubriderm SPF 15, was no longer stocked.  Hmmmm, I thought, this means I’ll have to add it to my Walgreen’s-only shopping list, since they seem to hang on to the “traditional” drugstore items longer.  So, last night, we’re at Walgreen’s – and it’s gone there as well!  And hence the panic.  Seriously, I use this stuff every day from April through October – it’s sunscreen without feeling or smelling like sunscreen.  I was able to find a couple of bottles at the grocery store last night (expiring 6/2007) so I’m set for the season most likely, but I hope Pfizer is just playing hard-to-get with my SPF, and not discontinuing the product.