Photo Faves: October 2013

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There’s something about November 1 that thrusts me into a contemplative/dark mindset. I’m sure it’s partly due to the literal darkness of the dwindling light – which is much more noticeable in London. When 4:00 rolls around these days, it feels like bedtime should be near. Not good! – and partly because Christmas no longer seems like a concept. The reality of the holiday season is staring me in the face, and I’m finding this year particularly hard. We’re going “home” for the holidays, but we have no home, but I’ll have to see my old house + I’m terrible at moving on. Terrible meaning that I hate it + I find seeing my old house so painful that I’ll do anything to avoid driving by it. Which will be a challenge given that visiting old friends and neighbors requires just that.

To counteract the darkness, I am going to spend November cultivating a spirit of gratitude, and quiet. And, while I’m at it, acceptance.** This week on Twitter, I mentioned that I feel like I’m living life on fast-forward. I think spending more time living “in the moment” will help. Not being wistful for time passed; not being anxious of what’s to come; just being. Wish me luck. It’s so much harder than simply typing it out.

A few of my photo favorites from October:

  1. bird. boy. bird.
  2. Autumnroad blur
  3. best friends…
  4. Soft Fall
  5. Getting On A Plane
  6. view from my bicycle ….
  7. untitled
  8. Pumpkin carving movie night ….
  9. Into the woods.
  10. Today is one of those days ….

** it might also help if i cut back on my arcade fire “melancholy and the infinite danciness” habit

image at top taken outside baileys home & garden on october 26 / jane potrykus


  1. November 1, 2013 / Permalink

    Ya, turn off the Arcade Fire, Jane! :) Sorry you are feeling the darkness of this season! This is always a really tough time of year for me! Hope you can find some bright spots. I look forward to seeing in the holiday decorations in London via your Instagram! Have a great weekend!

  2. November 2, 2013 / Permalink

    Ah, that’s what trips to Barbados or Morocco are for! The time to visit home is spring:). I hope you feel better soon. I hear the sounds of darkness from several of my social media friends in the UK right now.