5 Simple Joys: Calendars and Planners 2020

2020 calendars and planners | simple pretty

1. Moontree Letterpress Leaf Identification Flat Calendar this is the calendar I wait for every year. Artist and designer Rebecca Kutys has an admiral gift for translating our botanical world into simple, charming illustrations. As part of my family room pinboard, it’s a handy, calming resource. (And word to the wise: it regularly sells out.)

2. Molesworth&Bird Hand Pressed Seaweed Calendar a recent addition to my “things I’m obsessed with” list is seaweed: likely due to the sublime subdued colors and soothing shapes. Hanging this calendar is like having twelve seaweed prints that you can enjoy one month at a time.

3. Appointed Undated Task Planner this planner is practically perfect in every way, from the lush fern green color, to the monthly and weekly planning pages, complete with tasks lists and a bit of extra space for notes. The only thing that would improve it for me would be to get rid of the “undated” bit, as I prefer the contrast of typeset perfection with my own wonky, unpredictable handwriting.

4. Shinola 12 Month Runwell Planner my preferred dated planner option, with month at a glance as well as each week spread over two pages, and lined pages for the inevitable notes. (In fact, a notes section is necessary as I keep a list of books read over the year in my planner.) Four color options to boot, including my personal favorites, pink and orange.

5. Monograph Weekly Calendar a new-to-me brand that I’ve gone bonkers for this autumn. Along with a planner, I’m constantly making lists to keep my week in order. (Paper forever!) This version is appealing as it gives Sunday a space all its own —  not lumped in with Saturday — and the set up works well with how I think about the week ahead. (Perhaps hard to find in the US — though there seems to be a NYC store — so may I also suggest Sugar Paper’s new notepads, which offer six different ways to attractively and efficiently wrangle your day and/or week.)

photo credits: 1. moontreeletterpress.com 2. molesworthandbird.com 3. appntd.com 4. shinola.com 5. societyoflifestyle.com | layout and design by jane potrykus

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