Photo Favorites: April 2015

NYC wall, may 2015 | simple pretty

love, somewhere in NYC

Just two weeks ago, I was in Boston confronted with lingering piles of snow in Beacon Hill. Now, it feels like spring has sprung up everywhere (Boston, I trust that the snow has melted and you’re reporting the same?)

April in London has been sunny — so far — which means it’s been terribly difficult to get anything done. But who’s complaining? We’ve earned it. Here’s to spring fever in all its glory: picnic season is right around the corner.

A few of my photo favorites from the past month:

  1. untitled
  2. It was a cold smoggy day ….
  3. a wilma doodle
  4. adding this to my list ….
  6. My 2nd baby. ….
  7. Elveden Armchair
  8. afternoon experiment ….
  9. BAR
  10. 100.0 // Holy moly. ….
  11. Ruffles and frills.
  12. untitled
  13. my happy place
  14. A favourite table shot ….
  15. Our favorite bunny, Miffy
  16. I am wandering ….
  17. The Moon. La Lune. ….
  18. Chillin’ on the last day of spring break.
  19. What a beauty
  20. Happy days ….
  21. This cake ….
  22. Union Station ~ Los Angeles

photo at top by jane potrykus

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